Stephanie Clark Art

About the Artist

Photo by Diana Nikkhah Harfouche

Photo by Diana Nikkhah Harfouche


Stephanie Clark (née Mooney) was born and raised in Indiana where, as a child, she was drawn to the nature scenes that have been the biggest influence on her artistic style. As one of six children, she stood out from her siblings with her creative abilities. Surrounded by corn fields and streams, she loved to observe how water flows and cuts through earth and river banks, creating undulating shapes and forms. 

Inspired, she began painting and was encouraged by teachers and mentors who recognized her artistic talent. She won several local awards for her art as a teen, and continued studying art in college at both Ball State University and the University of Southern Indiana. While attending an art expo in Chicago, Stephanie was approached by a model scout and that day changed the course of her life. 

She left school to pursue her modeling career and spent the next seven years of her life traveling for work across the United States and overseas to Japan, Italy and France. She enjoyed a career that included 25 years of commercial print work as well as over 40 television ads including the iconic Nair television spot "We wear short shorts." She eventually settled in New York City where she married and had three children.

Once her children were older, Stephanie found time to rediscover her art through both painting and photography, putting all the knowledge of her modeling days to use, but this time behind the camera. Still inspired by nature, Stephanie has been prolific in creating beautiful scenes full of motion and color. She often uses earth tones and metallics which represent the earth, sea and sky. Friends and interior designers began scooping up her art for their homes and commissioning her to create photographic portraits of their families, and Stephanie has dedicated herself full-time to her art ever since.